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  Which type of casting is best for my application?
Use the following guidelines to help you decide which Franklin Bronze division is more suited to your particular needs.

1) Great detail can be cast.
2) Close tolerances can be held.
3) No draft required on tooling.
4) Relatively expensive casting process.
5) Low initial tooling costs.
6) Minimal machine stock required.
7) Excellent as-cast surface finish.

Invesment casting is ideal for glass mold accessory castings; valves and fittings; gears, splines, levers, and arms; and various mechanical and industrial castings.

1) The most common casting process.
2) Moderate detail can be cast.
3) Very economical casting method.
4) Quick production of orders can be achieved.
5) Large and heavy sectioned castings are easily cast.
6) Pattern draft is required.
7) Close tolerances can be difficult to obtain.

Sand casting is ideal for valve and pump parts, electrical control parts, heat-resistant castings, and bronze burnishings.
These tips should help you decide whether to choose investment casting or sand casting for your next casting application. For more detailed information on our casting divisions or additional assistance, feel free to e-mail us today or call (814) 437-6891.

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