Furnaces equipped with inert gas shielding to assure minimal metal quality deterioration.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components houses two gas-fired furnaces to remove wax from the ceramic shells. This process allows us to reclaim 80% of all wax used during the casting process. This represents the essence of “lost wax casting.”

Two additional gas-fired furnaces are used to cure and pre-heat all moulds prior to pouring.

Five induction furnaces with two control panels supply all the molten metal requirements for the pouring of all bronze, cobalt, nickel based, and stainless steel alloys. These furnaces are equipped with inert gas shielding that can be used during the melting process, thus assuring minimal metal quality deterioration. Furnace capacities range from 300 to 600 pounds (136 to 272 kg) per heat. For aluminum requirements, a dead melt electric resistance batch melting furnace is used.

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