Cardboard Recycling Initiative

Franklin Bronze Precision Components has partnered with Waste Management Sustainability Services and in 2020 has recycled 13 tons of material from cardboard alone!

According to information we received from Waste Management Sustainability Services, this initiative will conserve the following resources: 81 trees, 49 cubic yards of landfill airspace; 52,753 KW-Hrs of Electricity; avoided 38 Metric Tons of GHG Emissions & 48,141 gallons of water!

According to, “More than 90% of products in the United States are shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes.” Making this product a priority when it comes to recycling.

Recycling & Covid-19

What about recycling during the Covid-19 pandemic? According to Ron Gonen, a former deputy commissioner for recycling and sustainability in New York City who is now the chief executive of the Closed Loop Fund, a private equity firm that invests in recycling infrastructure, “Continuing to recycle is an essential service – especially your cardboard and paper. Life during a pandemic requires a lot of recycled paper and cardboard, which are remade into toilet paper and e-commerce delivery boxes, both under heavy use right now.”

2020 & Beyond

There’s more to go on our sustainability journey. We look forward to seeing how much we can recycle and conserve resources for the remainder of 2020 and beyond!

The breakout of our sustainability efforts from Waste Management will be updated regularly on our Sustainability page.