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The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness on copper’s virus killing properties and that commonly touched surfaces can spread viruses and disease.  According to the EPA, the surfaces of copper and its’ alloys, such as brass and bronze, are antimicrobial.  Using antimicrobial copper on touch surfaces such as door handles, knobs, and other fixtures is proven to reduce the spread of viruses.

If copper was used more frequently in hospitals, where 1 in 31 people get healthcare-acquired infections (HAI), or in high-traffic areas, where many people touch surfaces teeming with microbial life—it could play an invaluable role in public health, said Michael Schmidt, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina, who studies copper. [1] However, much of the industry has been surprised by hospitals and healthcare facilities – the primary market for this – not adopting.

In the latest issue of Metal Center News, Shelly Winters, Marketing/Sales coordinator spoke with Editor-in-Chief, Dan Markham, on this and Franklin Bronze’s ability to cast antimicrobial bronze door handles, knobs, brackets and fixtures.

“There has not been a large acceptance of or demand for the antimicrobial properties. Many have not been so accepting to use copper/bronze, as they have been put off by its propensity to tarnish,” says Shelly Winters, Marketing/Sales Coordinator for the Franklin, Pa.-based company which sells investment cast bronze door handles, knobs, brackets, fixtures and more.

 “Franklin Bronze expects an increased awareness and acceptance of copper surfaces from hospitals, subways, parks, etc. – where current touch surfaces pose a danger.  In terms of supplying bronze antimicrobial door handles and fixtures, we are ready for the uptick in demand and ready to supply this needed beneficial product,” Winters says.

Read the full article from Metal Center News, June 2020 issue, “Chance for Copper”.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe. Kill COVID. Choose Copper.

Chance for Copper Article in Metal Center News Magazine June 2020 issue.