Earth Day 2018!

Making Our World A Cleaner Place

Investment castings help to make the world a cleaner place: reduced material usage, waste, time and costs.

Investment castings can and do result in savings in material, time and costs

  • Superior surface finish
  • Closer to finished part designs / Near net shapes
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Competitive tooling costs
  • Capable of difficult thin wall castings
  • Less casting defect
  • And they just look better!

Protecting and Prolonging a 100% Recyclable Product and A Product from Nature

Glass Container

Glass is a product from nature that is a 100% recyclable material.

Franklin Bronze was founded in 1985 for the targeted supply of castings to the glass mould industry.  Parts manufactured include guide rings, baffles, plungers, inserts, thimbles, blowheads and top plates.  Read how we serve the Glass Container Industry here

Other Industrial Sectors

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Our Approach to Sustainability

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