Featured in April 2020 INCAST issue “Coronavirus Pandemic: Industry Reactions to Global Virus”


Pandemic 2020: In the Words of its Members

INCAST magazine called upon its members to describe “challenges and accomplishments taking place” and how each of us, as a business, were addressing “the growing pandemic and its implications”. 

Franklin Bronze, a proud member of Investment Casting Institute, shared our response in the April 2020 Issue, Coronavirus Pandemic: Industry Reactions to Global Virus”.

Reading the other submissions, it is apparent, it is “business as unusual”.


Our submission and what was published is written below:

“We have stepped up communication to our customers, reassuring them of our commitment to deliver their castings while devoted to keeping our employees safe and healthy. 

Our customers want more information about our status (we are open and producing as the industries we supply are deemed Essential Critical); and more frequent contact on shipping and delivery – especially our international customers. 

We have also refocused and ramped up our digital marketing to speak to the work we do within the listed critical industries. For example, castings we make for food processing and glass container. We also make anti-microbial door handles, knobs, brackets and fixtures made from C87850 bonze alloy that can be used in hospitals, public transportation and public spaces to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve.  C87850, Ecobrass is designated and registered by the Federal EPA to be anti-microbial. 

All of our team members maintain a focus, dedication and commitment to support our customers. We continue to provide a safe working environment to our employees following CDC guidelines.  We are very grateful and thankful to all our employees.

Finally, we are forever indebted to the front-line health care professionals who are leading this fight.” 


Good health to all and Stay Safe.