Franklin Bronze Acquires Laser SLA 3D Printer for Rapid Prototyping and Short Runs of Investment Castings

Franklin Bronze’s new Laser SLA 3D Printer for 3D printing investment cast parts for rapid prototyping and small runs.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components is pleased to announce the purchase of a Laser SLA 3D Printer. This investment allows Franklin Bronze to 3D print and produce rapid prototype parts and short runs of investment castings.

“The addition of this 3D printer to our facility allows us to quickly prove out design changes without needing to alter the tooling each time. For instance, making a gating change can be proved before cutting into the tool”, states Neil Kruse, Senior IC Process Engineer.

“We are looking forward to working on trials and iterations for new and existing parts with our customers in a more efficient manner. Additionally, working with customers that have an intricately designed part.”

The Laser SLA 3D Printer is able to construct parts quickly and accurately with high precision and resolution.

Have an investment casting project ready for 3D printing and rapid prototyping?