Meet Team Member Jim Barber

Meet team member Jim Barber, Information Systems & Scheduling Manager. Jim manages the Franklin Bronze IT Systems and casting production schedule while leveraging the company’s ERP system. Working closely with operations and sales, he optimizes the foundry’s casting schedule to meet customer lead times and requirements. This is an especially important role as the investment casting process requires complete attention to detail to run smoothly and ship product on time. Franklin Bronze is known for its quick delivery, quality & consistent investment cast parts. Operations are rooted in and designed around speed, quality and consistency, every time.

Jim has been with FBPC over 10 years in various roles from Foundry to Purchasing. He is always willing to learn all there is about the company and advises,  “don’t get siloed into one department, learn about the various processes and how they all impact each other. Understand how the tools and systems are used and how they can be improved.”

Jim earned a dual undergraduate degree in International Business and Marketing from Penn State Behrend and a Masters of Information Management degree from Syracuse University. In his spare time, Jim likes to golf, play hockey and fish.

We are fortunate to have Jim on our team and look forward to his future contributions here at Franklin  Bronze Precision Components!

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