Proud to be featured in Investment Casting Institute’s Case Studies & Applications Booklet!

We are featured in Investment Casting Institute’s Case Studies & Applications!

Our investment casting featured was a near net shape investment cast neck ring.  An investment cast nickel-based alloy insert is investment cast into the bronze neck ring which proved:

  • Material Savings of 20-50%
  • Reduced Machining
  • Reduced Tooling Costs
  • Achieved Superior Wear and Life

Investment castings save time and money by reducing or eliminating assembly, machining, welding. We pour all types of alloys with the shortest lead times in the industry.

Overall Investment Castings provide:

Process Benefits Design Flexibility
  • Lower costs
  • Near-net shapes
  • Shorter Lead times
  • Intricate geometries
  • Wide Alloy Choice
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Process consistency
  • Thin walls
  • As-cast surface finish
  • Cored internal passageways
  • Less machining
  • Rapid prototyping compatibility
  • Reduced Assembly

Source: Investment Casting Institute

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