Quality Engineer – Recent ICI Grad!

Tyler Ripper – Quality Engineer – graduated from ICI’s 19th Graduation Class of the Industry Certification Course

Congratulations to Tyler Ripper, Quality Engineer, on graduating from Investment Casting Institute – ICI’s Industry Certification Course! This year marks ICI’s 19th graduating class.

Tyler Ripper @ ICI School

Tyler exclaims, “Attending ICI immensely fast tracked my understanding of investment casting and offered me the opportunity to network with a lot of great people in the industry.  The 10-day course is a great mix of the theoretical side to investment casting along with hands-on experience in every operation of this unique manufacturing process.  It was a truly beneficial experience that I can continue to use to further my skills as the Quality Engineer here at Franklin Bronze!”

John Mangoyan, General Manager, makes it a priority to invest in young engineers and all FBPC employees, “In our continual efforts to develop our employees, we sent Tyler to ICI school within the first month of his employment in order to quickly develop his knowledge of the investment cast process. Tyler came to Franklin Bronze without any prior experience in the metal casting industry and I can say with confidence that the ICI school was definitely worth it!”

Subjects covered during the class include the entire investment casting process from casting design and development; gating, feeding and tooling of investment castings; waxes and slurries; dewaxing and shell firing; melting and metallurgy, and casting finishing and quality control.

INCAST May 2019 – ICI Training Course

For more information about the Industry Certification Course, visit the Institute’s website: www.investmentcasting.org