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Thank You to the Employees of Franklin Bronze in this New Working Environment.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components employees continue to come to work every day, supporting essential industries through the production of quality investment cast components.

Thank you to the employees of Franklin Bronze for their dedication and hard work so that we can continue to support essential industries during these unparalleled of times.

Our work environment has changed to accommodate the most important aspect of our business, our employees.  Recently, work station dividers were installed in our wax room to allow operators to continue their jobs in the safety of their own work space, where a 6-foot span of distance between all operators is not possible.  Additionally, gloves are optional, but offered to employees at all times and especially encouraged during this time of COVID-19.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components operations are essential to the supply chain of food, glass container, oil & gas, pumps & valves, steel, safety and transportation industries – shipping to locations around the world.

New Wax Station Dividers

FBPC is a world leader in the supply of investment castings since 1985.  An advanced automated foundry providing high-quality, consistent parts, on time.

Team pouring a stainless-steel alloy for a casting used in the Steel Industry

Gloves are especially encouraged during this time of COVID-19.

Franklin Bronze’s core weight to cast is 3-10lbs. (1.36-4.54kg).  Find out more about which parts are best for FBPC capabilities by reading our manufacturing envelope page.

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