Reshore with us – get your investment cast parts faster

Speed, Reliability, Partnership & Innovation

Customers want a responsive local partner to collaborate with to meet the market challenges of rapid innovation and product development.

Reshoring is the trend of bringing manufacturing from overseas back to its local origin – here, the United States. The tariffs on China, Canada and Europe imports were to both level the global trade playing field and incentivize U.S. companies to bring manufacturing back to America. Now, it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic may have accelerated this trend.

Supply continuity risk, rapid innovation, responsiveness and technological collaboration are now critical considerations for sourcing along with costs, quality and lead time.

Changing consumer behaviors demand rapid and iterative innovation which can be more effectively achieved by shortening supply chains and bringing producers closer to final consumers.

At Franklin Bronze, we offer speed to market and close collaboration with our customers, an advantage for those looking to reshore.  Since we utilize automation and our processes are in-house, from tooling to machining, we can get parts out fast.  We also leverage 3D printing for rapid innovation and small lot production.

“By working with customers close to home, we are able to technically support in designing and developing parts that are manufacturing friendly to minimize cost and maximize performance,” explains Kevin Weaver, Industrial Sales Manager.

With highly qualified engineers on staff, we work in partnership with our customers for joint design development, flexibility and customization. We pour investment cast components, up to 30 pounds (13.6kg) in a range of alloys from stainless steel, nickel, brass and bronze. Our in-house metallurgical engineer can propose alternative metals and treatments that minimize cost without compromising the function or performance of the component.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components is located in Franklin, PA, USA, a 90 minute drive from the Pittsburgh airport.

Reshore your investment castings and get your parts faster.