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  Franklin Bronze's sand casting division features 100% induction melting, a complete air-set sand   casting system, and a full-range analytical spectrometer.
Sand Casting Facility

Housed in a 20,000 sq. ft. two-building facility, Franklin Bronze Precision Components sand casting division offers an array of versatile casting capabilities made possible by the industry's latest sand casting technology. To ensure that every sand casting product which leaves our facility is produced to our customers' exact specifications, we rely on a complete air-set (no-bake) sand casting system, 100% induction melting, and inert gas shielding. Our sand casting approach also includes reclamation of all sand used in our sand casting process.

Our sand casting division's molding capabilities include green sand molding on four squeezer production lines. To ensure precise results on large parts, a chemically set sand casting system is utilized. A four-bay sand casting system supports our mold line. Sand castings range from 1 inch to 3 square feet and may weigh up to 200 lbs. Franklin Bronze sand casting orders range from 1 to 50,000 pieces.

Franklin Bronze's sand casting facility is located on Route 322 West in Franklin, Pennsylvania.

For more information on Franklin Bronze Precision Components, click here. For more details on our sand casting division, e-mail us today or call (814) 437-6891.

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