Our Advantage

Franklin Bronze products have excellent consistency and dimensional repeatability.


Franklin Bronze Precision Components’ product development team travels to customer’s location or host potential customers to determine design and engineering. Close attention to customer product requirements results in a competitive and high quality investment casting.

Affordable Tooling

If there is a large long term production job, an affordable tooling charge is a great advantage.  If the customer is choosing to alter a tooling design after initial prototype, Franklin Bronze can easily accommodate.

Certified Quality

Franklin Bronze supplies high quality parts under the quality assurance of ISO 9001:2015.

Completely Finished Components

With its own in-house machine shop, Franklin Bronze offers customers the option of parts supplied complete to finished drawings, without having to establish another supplier. Other services that Franklin Bronze can provide our customers with include heat-treating, passivation, plating, and powder coating.

Consistent Product

With the use of fully automated and controlled robotic systems in the mould making process, Franklin Bronze products have excellent consistency and dimensional repeatability.

On-Time Delivery

Through continually improving our processes, Franklin Bronze is positioned to meet the challenging delivery requirements of our customers.  Our entire facility is designed around speed and on-time deliveries, yet is able to consistently put quality at the forefront of all processes.

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