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Wax Injection

For higher volume and larger size parts automation is added to the tooling and wax patterns.

Wax patterns are produced by injecting the paste wax under pressure into the tool cavity via a wax injection press, which has hydraulic platens that hold the parted tool closed during the injection cycle.

For short runs, Franklin Bronze utilizes tools that are simple, hand operated, and single cavity. These tools require operator assembly prior to each cycle and manually placing the tool into the injection press.

For higher volume and larger size parts, automation is added to the tooling and the wax patterns are made with little or no manual steps. This process also requires injection presses that are designed to function automatically.

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Longer run parts are set-up on the automated wax press that requires little or no manual steps.  The parts are wax injected into the tooling simulateously and the number of parts per tool depends upon part size and tool design.  Once the parts are released from the tooling, they are dropped into a water bath to cool down the wax temperature as they travel up a conveyor for tree assembly.

Auto Wax 5

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