Sizes, Weights & Tolerances

Manufacturing Envelope

Part Sizes, Casting Weights and Tolerances of Franklin Bronze. See below for dimensions, weights and tolerances. Contact us to discuss your part specifications.

Part Sizes

In general, the longest part Franklin Bronze can produce is approximately 16” (40.64 cm).  Taking into consideration width and depth dimensions, Franklin Bronze Engineering Team can determine whether a part can be made in our facility.

Casting Weights

The heaviest casting that Franklin Bronze makes is approximately 30 lbs. (13.6 kg). Our core weight to cast is 3-10lbs. (1.36-4.54kg). This figure can also be increased if the castings are heavy in section size, and not too physically large.  The heaviest section Franklin Bronze casts is up to 2” (5.08 cm).  Any casting approaching these limits – consult the Franklin Bronze team.

Dimensional Tolerances

Standard investment casting tolerances are held with the castings. Dimensionally, these are expressed as +/-.010” for any dimension up to 1 inch (+/-.0254 cm for any dimension up to 2.54 cm). As the dimension increases, the tolerance increases also by a formula of an additional +/-.003” per each additional inch of dimension (+/-.00762 cm per each additional 2.54 cm). The tolerances used are standard for the investment casting industry.  Once the tooling has been manufactured, Franklin Bronze can produce castings with consistent sizing.

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