Industries Served

A worldwide leader in the supply of investment castings since 1985.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components manufactures investment castings for the glass mould industry and many other industrial sectors including automotive, steel and valve & pump, drilling & mining, and marine.

No matter the industry, we provide a high-quality, consistent product supported by technical expertise, in-house tooling & machining and automated processing.


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Some of the Industries We Serve


Public areas, especially hospitals, are now required to use anti-microbial metals on knobs, brackets, handles, etc.. The anti-microbial metal used in these castings will kill live microbes on its surface. Franklin Bronze pours one of the newly certified anti-microbial alloys that is also lead free: bronze alloy CDA 87850.

Automotive Industry

Franklin Bronze supplies investment castings to the Automotive Industry for turbo charger parts, valve arms and pivot shafts.

Decorative Hardware

Manufacturers of decorative hardware for homes and buildings often use investment castings. This is especially true for manufacturers who require stainless steel and bronze.

Drilling and Mining Industry

Many components used by drilling and mining industries require castings that are strong and corrosion resistant.  Bromalloy, 17-4, and other specialty stainless steel’s are commonly poured by Franklin Bronze for these and other industries.

Food Handling Equipment and Machinery

With new regulations in sanitation, the food handling industry has been using stainless steel.  Franklin Bronze has an extensive knowledge of pouring stainless steel alloys.

Glass Mould Industry

Accessory parts such as Guide Rings, Baffles, Top Plates, Blow & Blow Plungers, Neck Rings, Inserts, Take out castings, Blowheads, Funnels and other miscellaneous accessory castings are used exclusively in the Glass Mould Industry.  Franklin Bronze has become one of the leading suppliers worldwide for accessory castings to this industry.

Heavy Equipment Industry

Many investment cast components, in either bronze or stainless steel, are used by the heavy equipment industry.

Machine Shops and Metal Fabricators

Machine Shops use many types of metal forms to begin their production process. Investment castings can be used in place of bar stock, forgings, etc.

Marine Hardware

With corrosion resistance being paramount for many components used in the marine industry, investment castings made from stainless steel and bronze are used extensively.

Steel Industry

Parts common to the Steel Industry include rollers and bushings.

Transportation Industry

Investment castings are commonly used in the transportation industry.  Franklin Bronze currently supplies many stainless steel, bronze and nickel-based castings for customers in this industry.

Valve & Pump Industry

Parts such as fittings, pump bodies, valve bodies, stems, brackets, handles, etc. are all commonly purchased as castings. Conversion from sand castings or forgings to investment castings can often be done leading to savings in cost and time.

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