Automated Shell Room

Automation results in more accurate, repeatable and high quality parts.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components supervisory computer and robotic dipping systems create the foundation for a repeatable process. Installed by Shell-O-Matic, Inc., this computer-driven shelling system has increased capacity while also improving the uniformity of shells.

The supervisory computer system tracks casting throughput while ABB robotics drives the production process. This automation results in increased investment casting part accuracy, quality, and repeatability.

The shell dipping area is also equipped with three hand dipping slurry baths, three hand dipping fluidized sand beds, and automated drying racks. Hand dipping is offered for certain products that require this process due to part size/dimension.

Read about our latest robotic upgrade –  installation of a new robotic arm along with brand new operating system and first of its kind laser level adjustment.

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Shell Room Processes

Supervisory Computer photo
Supervisory Computer

Robotic Dipping photo
Robotic Dipping

Rainfall Sander photo
Rainfall Sander

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