At Franklin Bronze Precision Components, we are conscious about the energy we consume and our lasting carbon footprint. We believe in responsibly managing and sourcing our earth’s natural resources. Every day, we concentrate our efforts on being more energy efficient and implementing environmental best practices within our facility.

Here are some of the ways in which we have reduced our carbon footprint:

  • Filtration and recycling of water from water blaster.
  • Implementation of zero waste water discharge to environment through evaporation.
  • Operate foundry furnaces during off-peak hours resulting in energy usage reduction.
  • Reclamation of waxes through innovative de-wax system.
  • Updated lighting to energy efficient T8 bulbs and fixtures.
  • Added motion detection light switches in offices, bathrooms and breakrooms.
  • Instituted paperless billing system.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions through improved dust collection system.


Did You Know ? Investment Castings help to make the world a cleaner place: reduced material usage, waste, time and costs. Read more here.

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