Castings for the Glass Mould Industry

A world leader in the supply of investment castings for the glass mould industry.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components is a world leader in the manufacture of precision investment castings for the glass mould industry.

Franklin Bronze’s investment casting production was founded in 1985 for the targeted supply of castings to the glass mould industry. Parts manufactured include guide rings, baffles, plungers, inserts, thimbles, blowheads, and top-plates.

Franklin Bronze provides high-quality, consistent investment castings due to technical expertise, in-house tooling & machining, and automated processing.

We pour the following alloys for the glass industry:

  • Nickel – 30 & 40 Rockwell
  • Brass/Bronze – GS-889, GS-909, XX (Minox)
  • Stainless Steel – 17-4 PH, 303/304, 440C, 316 SS.
  • Bromalloy (GS-128)
  • Cobalt 6 & 12

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Examples of Castings for the Glass Mould Industry

Guide Rings photo
Guide Rings

These castings form the lip or seal surface of the bottle and are made almost exclusively in nickel-boron alloys, 

Blow & Blow Plungers photo
Blow & Blow Plungers

These castings are used to plunge a hole into the semi-molten glass and complete a “blow” operation on the blank side of bottle making.  Most commonly these plungers are poured in nickel-boron alloys.

Baffles photo

The baffle is used to fit into the blank side of bottle production to form the bottom contour and size of the bottle bottom.  Poured most commonly in nickel-boron alloys, and at times in “XX” bronze alloy.

Top Plates photo
Top Plates

These plates are integrally machined into the mold for the glass container.  They provide protection and extended life to the top forming edges of the bottle.  Franklin Bronze supplies these top plates surface ground flat on the bottom and concentrically turned on the outside diameter for easy and quick installation into the pre-machined top plate cavities of the mold. These top plates are cast either in nickel-boron alloy or stainless steel.

Neck-Rings photo

Neck rings are used to form the threaded or upper neck area just below the lip or seal surface of the bottle.  Cast to near-net shape, these investment cast rings offer advantages in metal savings, machine time savings and reported extended service life.  These neck rings, usually cast as solid bronze, can also be cast with nickel-boron inserts in the glass contact area.  This provides an even more premium product in regards to service life and superior thermal characteristics.  Neck rings are poured in various specifications of “XX” or Minox Bronze.

Neck Ring Inserts photo
Neck Ring Inserts

This specialty product is custom designed to be cast into bronze neck rings to provide a superior glass contact area of the neck ring.  Franklin Bronze uses our own neck ring inserts as required in neck ring production and, also sells these to other foundries who produce inserted neck ring castings.

Blowheads & Blowhead Inserts photo
Blowheads & Blowhead Inserts

These castings are used to control and direct pressurized air used in “blowing” the final container in the bottle making process.  Nickel-boron and stainless steel are common alloys used.

Take-Out Castings photo
Take-Out Castings

Take outs are used to lift the finished hot glass containers from the opened mould as the final step of the container making process.  These castings are custom designed to accept inserts (usually graphite) that pick the bottle up just below the lip.  These castings are made in a variety of bronze and stainless steel alloys per customer requirements.

Funnels photo

Just as their name says – these castings are used to “funnel” semi-molten glass into the blank mold cavity as the first step in the bottle making process.  Traditionally these castings are poured in a hardened, wear resistant stainless steel.

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