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Meet Team Member Jim Barber

Meet team member Jim Barber, Information Systems & Scheduling Manager. He is focused on managing the investment casting production schedule while leveraging the company’s ERP system.

Investment Casting Foundry Wax Room Upgrades

Franklin Bronze Precision Components has implemented several improvements in one of the most important areas of their shop, the wax room, where the investment casting process starts. Within the last two years, Franklin Bronze added a new chiller station, acquired an additional automated wax press, installed work station dividers and rearranged the work flow in the wax room to provide a safe working environment, additional capacity and greater casting reliability.

New Automated Wax Press

FBPC partnered with Auto Wax Inc. and added an additional automated wax press to expand capabilities and improve productivity. The auto press generates more patterns per hour resulting in increased throughput.

Reshore with us – get your investment cast parts faster

Reshoring is the trend of bringing manufacturing from overseas back to its local origin – here, the United States. The tariffs on China, Canada and Europe imports were to both level the global trade playing field and incentivize U.S. companies to bring manufacturing back to America. Now, it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic may have accelerated this reshoring.

Supply continuity risk, rapid innovation, responsiveness and technological collaboration are now critical considerations for sourcing along with costs, quality and lead time.

2020 Year in Review

A look back at 2020 and our accomplishments for the year. Many changes have been made from the way we work and the way we connect. 2020 also marks the largest investment year at Franklin Bronze. Investments were made to improve, expand and modernize.