Sam Lyons’s 40 Year Work Anniversary

Sam Lyons FoundrySam Lyons, Foundry Supervisor, pictured in the FBPC foundry.

Congratulations to Sam Lyons, Foundry Supervisor, for 40 years of employment with Franklin Bronze Precision Components!

Sam has spent all his years at Franklin Bronze in the foundry. When he first started in 1982, the furnaces were gas powered, metal was poured without testing, all paperwork was completed by hand, and product was passed from one department to the next without any tracking.

As regulations evolved, Franklin Bronze acquired a Spectrometer to control and analyze all metal before pouring. Sam was one of the first employees to be trained on this Spectrometer and has since been the primary operator.

Sam Lyons Foundry Spectrometer Sam in front of the foundry Spectrometer.

The biggest change that Sam is grateful for is the priority on safety and the implementation of safety measures throughout the years. “The foundry environment can be very dangerous, and it’s good to see what’s been put in place to keep employees safe,” states Sam.

One of the best things about working at Franklin Bronze for Sam has been all the people he has had the chance to meet and work with over four decades.

Sam is very involved in our local Franklin, Pennsylvania community with the YMCA, Elks Club, and a 20 year member of Franklin City Council. He also enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf.

We are fortunate to have Sam and his years of experience on our team and look forward to his future contributions here at Franklin Bronze Precision Components!